Do you own a garden with a pond? Or are you planning to set an own water hole?

All kinds of water holes, cascades, waterfalls, fountains and water sculptures, ponds with streams, fish ponds, small lakes or swimming pools make the area look unique; there are as many ideas as forms of expression. To make the final effect comply with ideas, proper care and protection of a water ecosystem are extremely important. Algae are inseparable element of an ecosystem; their growth needs to be controlled.

Presented filter systems meet the most demanding grower and designer’s needs. Our professional solutions for hydro-development, can help achieve best possible effects even when the fish population is big; a water body and water in it remain crystal clear. Only our technical solutions for your water hole, pond, stream or fish pond preserve fauna and flora biological balance.

The filters we offer are innovative and unique. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. For 19 years we have gained our experience and many satisfied clients.

All our products are covered by a 2 years warranty.